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Free Lectures (PRELIMS 2018)
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Teaching in Question-Answer Format

  • Enables comprehension and better retention
  • Helps candidates to not repeat the same mistakes again during examination
  • Teaches the best way to attempt any question and maximize the scores
  • Supports the practice of elimination method


Discussion Session

Recognizing that students learn best through constructive discussions, We conduct sessions with Guest lecturers, amongst students & the faculty to help form perspectives and neutral opinions on all issues of importance from the exam point of view.


Doubt Clearing Session

We organize separate classes for students to clarify their doubts and gain enhanced learning of the topic that they are not comfortable with.


Quality Study Material

Rank IAS comes in an easy to understand language authored by the respective subject experts. The study material is designed with the view of making data visually appealing and easy to retain via Mind-maps, graphical representations, flowcharts, images and revision notes. They are made to cater to the exam needs and are regularly revised and updated.


Answer Writing Practice

  • Helps inculcate the ability to put across thoughts onto the paper effortlessly
  • Ensures practice of making a rough draft of the answer within the time frame
  • Hones the ability to make answers concise and stick to the word limit
  • Harbours value neutral approcah in answering questions and providing solutions.