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CSE Prelims Preparation Tips for Science and Technology

The syllabus for UPSC CSE exam is very extensive, and consists of many subjects. Each and every subject of the UPSC syllabus for CSE demands a unique preparation strategy. Of the many subjects, Science and Technology is one of the important topics in CSE Prelims. This subject is not to be taken lightly as it has been observed in previous years that around 12 to 13 questions from this subject were asked in CSE Prelims, and some of the questions asked were very difficult.

The questions asked seems difficult as Science and Technology is a field where every other day something new keeps on happening like any new invention, development, or discovery. Therefore, a CSE aspirant should pay special attention and focus to this dynamic subject while preparing for CSE Prelims. If you are going to take on the CSE Prelims 2018 challenge then here are some tips and techniques that can be quite helpful in the approach of this subject.

Understanding the style of questions

While going through the previous year question papers of CSE Prelims, you would notice that most of them are analytical. Such questions can be solved only when the basic concepts are clear. So during the preparation of Science and Technology pay more attention in understanding the fundamentals rather than just cramming the facts.

Study approach

Unlike other subjects, there is no standard preparation approach for Science and Technology. One should keep his ears and eyes open to gather as much as information he can. Go through daily newspapers, watch English news channels, subscribe any good magazine on science, rely on NCERT books, and make self-notes for quick revision. Whatever you read or watch, your notes should be on the latest developments in science and technology, and the basic underlying facts. If you have followed the recent trends in Science and Technology religiously then you are sure to have a leading edge over others in CSE Prelims.

Not to be missed topics

Here are some important topics that should not to be missed from all aspects while preparing for CSE Prelims. Try to bring together as much information you can from all the resources on these topics. The topics are: gravitational waves, biotechnology, genetic engineering, Nano technology and its applications, Indian space missions and of other countries too like USA, China, Europe, Russia, standard model of physics, DNA profiling, Human Genome project, STEM cell, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Information Technology, climate change, and summits related to change in climate.

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