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Tips to Study Art and Culture for UPSC 2018 CSE Prelims

The subject Indian Art and Culture is very important if you are aspiring for UPSC CSE. Not only from CSE Prelims perspective, but also from CSE Mains perspective this subject is important to prepare for both. Once you get a hang of this subject, you will find it very easy to understand what all you need to study and what not during your preparation for CSE Prelims and CSE Mains.

There is not a set pattern when it comes to the number of questions asked from Art and Culture subject. When you have a close look at the previous years’ CSE Prelims and CSE Mains question papers on this subject, you will notice that there is a lot of uncertainty involved. Therefore, it is very much required to have a holistic approach while preparing for this subject in your quest for UPSC CSE Prelims or Mains.

Here are some tips and techniques that can be quite helpful to you during your UPSC CSE prelims preparation.

Choosing the right resource

As with all subjects, for the preparation of Indian Art and Culture too one should rely on NCERT books.
The following books are important for the preparation of this subject: NCERT Fine Arts (Class XI), NCERT RS Sharma (old syllabus), and NCERT Crafts. Other books and resources are The Facets of Indian Culture, CCRTindia web portal, NIOS Indian Culture, website, Indian Art and Culture book and notes of Nitin SInghania (for selective reading).

Preparation Strategy

To prepare Indian Art and Culture, you don’t require detailed study. Shallow level study is enough to understand this subject. Make sure that you cover the entire UPSC syllabus for CSE as the question papers are set keeping in mind the portion of syllabus that was not touched earlier. So it is highly recommended to go through previous year question papers to get an idea about the questions that have already been asked and the topics covered. By doing so, you can proceed with selective reading and a focussed approach, while browsing other topics also.

Topics that need to be covered at any cost

A CSE aspirant should try his level best not to leave the following topics in their quest for CSE Prelims 2018 or CSE Mains 2018: Religion and Philosophy, Indus valley Civilization, Indian Architecture (Jain and Buddhist Architecture, Indo Islamic Architecture, Temple Architecture, Modern Architecture), Indian Music (Hindustani, Carnatic, and Regional Music), Painting, Sculptures, Dances, Cinema, Theatre (Traditional and Modern), Indian Language and Literature, Indo Islamic Culture, Arts and Crafts, etc.

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