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This section sounds factual and burdensome on your memory! There is a say, if you want to shine like a Sun first burn like a Sun, once you conquer this subject new confidence develops within you to crack this exam. "Our Experienced Smart Approach" is alone sufficient for you to answer all the questions of this section appear in the PT 2018. We cover very important topics from diverse sources which are most relevant for the 2018 PT. 

Indian Polity for UPSC CSE Prelims: Best Approach to Study

Indian Polity and Constitution as a subject is very crucial at each stage of CSE (civil services exam). In all the three stages of CSE i.e. CSE Prelims, CSE Mains, and Interview, the UPSC expects a CSE aspirant to be well aware of the Indian constitution, functioning of the Indian political system, policies of the government, relation between state and the centre, issues related to governance, etc. All these topics are covered under the subject Indian Polity and Constitution. This subject is not only important from clearing the CSE perspective, but also is important when a candidate clears the exam and gets into the service as an IAS officer.

Preparation strategy for Indian Polity subject

This subject is a scoring subject as its syllabus includes facts and to the point content.Therefore, a CSE aspirant should expect a lot of direct questions from Indian Polity and Indian Constitution, and if one has gone through the subject thoroughly, and revised it properly then one is sure to secure good marks. The difficulty level of questions asked from this subject can range from easy to moderate. On an average around 15% questions are asked from this subject.

Here we would discuss some tips and techniques following which you can easily score good marks in this subject while writing your CSE Prelims 2018 exam. Here is the preparation strategy for Indian Polity and Indian Constitution:

Building up your foundation

The books from NCERT are very clear and simple on this subject as by reading NCERT books even a beginner can get a good insight about the subject. It would not take much of time in going through these books. We at Rank IAS would recommend you to start with class ninth NCERT books, and gradually move up to class eleventh NCERT books. While going through these books highlight the topics that you want to dig more, and refer other resources for that.

Other good book for beginners is Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth. This book can be quite beneficial in scoring good marks in this subject during the CSE Prelims stage. This book covers all the basic topics that are important while preparing for Indian Polity for CSE Prelims. The book has been written in a very simple and easy-to-understand language, making it easy to comprehend. Other good resource is Introduction to the Constitution of India by DDBasu.This book is generally more important while preparing for CSE Mains as it provides an in-depth analysis of the subject. As it is for advanced preparation, one would find the language of this book a bit complex.

In addition to these study materials, one should regularly follow a national daily like The Hindu or The Indian Express.While going through these dailies, give more importance to news items and editorialsrelated to the Indian Constitution or the national/ international political issues.

Regular Revision and Question Practice

The questions asked on Indian Polity and Indian Constitution in CSE Prelims can be presented in an indirect way. To tackle with such tricky questions, one should regularly practice questions, especially multiple choice questions (MCQs). The regular practice would build up your basic knowledge, get conceptual clarity, refine knowledge, and will also result in your confidence boost up. Try to solve as many as previous years question papers as this will help in understanding the type of questions asked and the pattern of examination. While practicing it is also important to make self-notes that can come handy during revision. You can also take any CSE Prelims test series to check your level of preparation.

The mock tests and daily quiz from Rank IAS can help you determine your level of preparation in your quest for CSE 2018. The subject experts at Rank IAS have designed numerous multiple choice questions on Indian Polity and Indian Constitution for CSE 2018 aspirants to self-practice. If you are facing problem while understanding and recalling the concepts of Indian Polity then you can also take the free lectures of Rank IAS as it covers all the important concepts that are important to get the most out of your study schedule while preparing Indian Polity and Indian Constitution.