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UPSC CSE Prelims Preparation Strategy for Economy

It is the most dynamic subject in General Studies mix. From CSE Prelims, Mains to interview, a student cannot afford to miss out on any concept of Economy. Being a conceptual subject, all the topics and sub-topics here are inter-related. The matrix of this subject gives in a deadly tool for the paper setters of UPSC. The key to the riddle is having all the basic concepts on your tips all the time. So while reading newspaper, you revise it, you apply it, and you discuss it with your friends and family on daily basis. This is the bare minimum that this paper expects from any serious UPSC CSE aspirant.

The Beginning

It is advised that for beginners and for non-economy students, the basic orientation is a must. Extreme caution is advised in selecting a coaching institute/ mentor. Any slippages or wrong interpretation in concepts means a double whammy. Meaning you will first have to erase, and then interlink the entire edifice of knowledge all over again. So getting the beginning right is the minimum desired on route to CSE.


It is one subject which touches upon almost each and every subject. If it becomes your strength, it can very well rescue you in times of crisis while writing CSE Prelims, and more so in CSE Mains while attempting essay paper. It also gives you the necessary flow of ideas, as well as continuity required in facing the UPSC interview.


This is one thing which majority of the CSE aspirants overlook while writing Mains. Your answers are best appreciated if they are replied using proper economic terminologies. For this, newspaper is the biggest and the best source. It is not only you who rely on the newspaper, but your examiner equally draws his understanding from the keywords used on the daily basis in print and digital media.

Rank IAS approach

Economic survey in India Year Book are dealt in a manner where you get supreme confidence required going into UPSC exam hall. The free lectures of Rank IAS captures the essence, and delivers you in an easy to understand language. This means it is easy on digestion, and with little effort, you can be sure of this very important segment.

In addition to it, free mock tests and daily quiz of Rank IAS, prepared and delivered by the CSE rankers, makes sure that you have the required confidence going into CSE Prelims 2018. In fact, it is this confidence that more often than not makes the difference between success and failure.